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1. What has a higher bending strength: stainless steel 304 or chrome vanadium steel?

I asked a question last week about stainless steel and got some great answers. I combed all over the internet to try to figure this one out but could not find anything. What resists bending better: chrome vanadium steel (i.e. a steel commonly used to make tools) or stainless steel 304. My guess would be the chrome vanadium alloy but thats just a guess. Which on resist's bending better and by how much (#'s please :-)). Also, if anyone knows if chrome vanadium steel is cheaper than stainless steel 304 that would be awesome? I can't find a price per pound on chrome vanadium steel anywhere! Please help. Thanks in advance-Josh


Type 304 stainless steel can be tempered to give tensile strength up to about 125,000 psi. There are many chrome vanadium alloys, and tempers, but they are generally very hard steels used for machine tools which are used to cut other steels. They generally are much stronger, and can be hardened up to tensile strengths of 250,000 psi and beyond. (Bending strength is proportional to tensile strength, but Cr-V steels are not usually used for beams or other structure members.) Cr-V steels are specialty alloys and will probably be a good bit more expensive per pound than common stainless alloys. For any steel, price depends on the form you are buying, i.e. plate, bar, or other shape, as well as the alloy and temper specified, and the quantity. You need to get prices from a supplier. You can find some online catalogs, but you usually have to call the vendor for price info.
Sep 27, 2017
All okorder.com/... it can only be hardened somewhat by cold working. Bending stiffness is not proportional to tensile strength.
Sep 27, 2017
Steel Bending Strength
Sep 27, 2017
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Sep 27, 2017

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