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20V dual power switch can be used to switch a relay

That is, there are two 220 power supply all the way to the battery inverter is the way the general electricity I would like to use a large relay relay to implement automatic conversion, when the electricity is normal when the relay is used in conjunction with the electricity When the power failure when the relay is connected to the inverter on the way that I do not know it?


Should be able to be installed before my home, but with AC220V AC contactor, wiring is also more convenient, the mains and inverting the zero line together, the mains and inversion of the FireWire respectively Connected to the AC contactor output side of the normally open and normally closed point, the output common to the power supply line of the line of fire, and the main line of the fire and the zero line directly connected to the AC contactor at both ends of the line if the AC contactor Two sets of output can be the mains and inrush the same line of the same line.If you use the relay should also be able to select the relay pay attention to the size of the load,
May 9, 2017
1. The contact capacity meets the requirements 2. Switch the speed of the problem, I think the relay can not meet the switching speed requirements, consider the thyristor it.
May 9, 2017
To consider the size of the switching circuit load, the contact capacity to be greater than the circuit current.      Also if the capacity is not the case, you can not use the relay, directly with a thyristor on it. Fast response, switching without any feeling, (commonly known as: uninterruptible power supply UPS)
May 9, 2017

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