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AH3-3 time relay works

AH3-3 time relay has been known that his coil is seventy-two, often open is four and five eight, normally closed one three and sixty-eight, but do not understand how to start his own power supply, and when he went to time After how their own power, I want him to work in detail, self-study, I hope you prawn educated, grateful


AH3-3 time relay is a capacitive time relay, the delay time can be adjusted, the model is AH3-3 / 8 pins, of which 2 and 7 connected power AC220V or DC24V, the left 1,3,4 for a group of 1 For the common side, 1, 3 for the instantaneous open contact (instantaneous contact), 1,4 instantaneous normally closed contact (instantaneous dynamic contact, the right 5,6,8 for a group, 8 for the public End, 6,8 for the delay closed contact (delay contact) 5,8 for the delay disconnect contact (delay moving contact). Turn left to turn right Time relay is a use of electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle to achieve delay control of electrical control. It is a lot of type, with air damping type, electric type and electronic type.
May 9, 2017
Time relay can be divided into power delay type and power delay type two types. Air damping type time relay delay range (0.4 ~ 60s and 0.4 ~ 180s two), it is simple structure, but the accuracy is low. When the coil is energized, the armature and the pallet are attracted by the core and instantaneously move down to turn on or off the instantaneous action contact. But the piston rod and lever can not fall along with the armature at the same time, because the upper end of the piston rod attached to the rubber chamber in the chamber, when the piston rod in the release of the spring under the action of downward movement, the rubber film with the concave, The air in the air chamber becomes thin and the piston rod is damped and slowly descends. After a certain period of time, the piston rod down to a certain position, then through the lever to promote the delay contact action, so that moving off the contact open, moving contact closure. From the coil power to the delay contact to complete the action, this time is the relay delay time. The length of the delay time can be adjusted by changing the size of the air chamber inlet with screws. After the suction coil is powered off, the relay relies on the effect of the recovery spring. The air is quickly discharged through the pores.
May 9, 2017
No power on the state .1-4 connected 5-8 connected when 2-7 turn on the power after the 1-4 immediately off, 1-3 connected. When the adjustment time is reached after another relay work that is 5-8 off, 6-8 connected. This is the time relay direct power of the work steps. (In the case of constant power to restart the state of AH3-3 unchanged) .... I do not know if this map is not the circuit you want, if it is absolutely no need to use this relay, more trouble! Dedicated dual control time relay. ATDV-N is a kind.
May 9, 2017

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