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anyone know the Best way to rewire my fuse box?

I have built a custom car and want to reuse the original fuse box under the dash. All I am running that require power is all my exterior lights, gauge lights, dome light, power windows, ignition switch, push start button, alternator, and distributor. I want my lights to have constant power to a switch just like factory but i want everything else to get power once the ignition is turned on, once again like a factory car. Any help is appreciated.


Best bet for the BAT/alternator fuse is a fuse link or maxi-fuse and you will save a bunch of heavy guage wiring. Your ignition switch may have one or two ACC wires and usually only one RUN wire and one B+ (battery feed). Determine which wires you want to feed the fuse panel strips with and hook them up to the common fuse box junctions - then run you accessory and other component wiring from the appropriate fuses in the box. Use the BAT feed wire from the ignition switch for your lighting fuses. More often than not, your head lamp switch has an internal circuit breaker for the head lamps.
Dec 7, 2017
it fairly is a risk that some thing is incorrect with the the remainder of the wiring on your place. although, the electrician became not required to do something approximately any of your wiring aside from the couple of ft going into the breaker field if that cord regarded ok then he does not have any reason to alter it. truthfully rewiring the whole abode could fee way greater beneficial than $one thousand or $1200, an entire rewire ought to fee 5 or ten circumstances that lots. So the fee distinction probably has greater to do with him not having coverage, not having a employer truck to maintain, and/or only being greater desperate for some earnings. i could fee $600-800 for a job like that reckoning on what proportion circuits have been in contact and how lots difficulty it became going to be to instruct the potential off and reconnect it. once you're worried that rewiring does might desire to be achieved, take a glance on the insulation of the present wires and notice if curiously broken, or the right age to be brittle. If not, there is not any reason to think of it fairly is failing
Dec 7, 2017

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