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Are generators or transformer or something else used above ground to power utilidors?

I have been trying to research the specifics of utilidor functionality for nearly two weeks and have come up with hardly any information. What I'm wanting to know is, at certain access points of utilidors in artic areas, is there something above ground that powers the tunneling below like possibly a transformer or a generator? I know it seems unfeasible to have either one out in the open to be exposed to the elements but I still want to know. And also even if this isn't the case now, was it so when the tunnel systems were first made?


Utilidors is an acronym for Utility Corridors. This may be a tunnel system that contains all the necessary utilities to support a community, business of some other area needing electric, gas, water, sewer, communications, etc. These are found both above and below ground level depending on environmental concerns, costs, etc. The generators and transformers used to supply various points along the corridor and may be located above or below ground depending on design. A UG designed transformer for instance could be used below ground. A generator needs to be driven by something, gas engine, turbine, diesel engine, etc. these may be located below ground but it will have to have an external exhaust port somewhere. Hope this helps, Newton1Law
Dec 7, 2017
I had not heard about Arctic underground tunnel systems, nor Utilidors. Is that a brand name for utility doors? A back up battery and a crank to manually open the doors seems like a good safety measure.
Dec 7, 2017
What the hell is a utildor?
Dec 7, 2017

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