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Are plasterboards stronger than bonding & plastering?

I'm having the kitchen done and are having plasterboards put up 'cos the plaster that is on at the moment is so old, dry and flaking off in large peices. Just wondered if these walls will be strong enough to hold up my wall units. Pleeeeeaaase let me know.


How are the boards being fitted on battens or dot and dab?Either way you can use cavity fixings if there is sufficient space behind the plaster board ( I use the brolly type)whatever you do dont use those stupid corkscrew things they wont take the weight.If there is very little gap then the normal plugs and screws will do just make sure to use long enough screws(size matters)I normally use a size 10 screw and vary the length accordingly and dot and dab the same plugs and screws. It may also pay to fit a spacer behind the screw through the pasterboard to the wall to stop boards distorting but without seeing the job its hard to tell the best for your application.
May 11, 2017
plasterboards (AKA drywall, sheetrock) are not very strong, definitely not strong enough to hold kitchen cabinets by themselves. be sure that when you hang things like cabinets, shelves, etc from the wall that they are anchored to the studs and the frame of the house or else they will just tear out.
May 11, 2017

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