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are the SD card reader in a laptop suppose to read all type of memory card?

i have LG laptop


No, it can not. It can not read Compact Flash (which is used in many professional cameras) It can not read Memory Stick (which is used in many Sony equipments) It can not read Smart Media (which is used in some Olympus cameras) It will require an adapter to read MicroSD and MiniSD (which is sold together with the memory). It may not read all types of SD cards. There are different type of SD cards: Standard SD: 1 MB to 4 GB SDHC: 4 GB to 32 GB SDXC: 32 GB to 2 TB Many card readers do not recognize SDXC and some do not recognize SDHC. It is also necessary to download and install an update for windows (even Win7) to support some high capacity cards. Please provide model number of your laptop for more help. If you have intention to purchase a memory for your camera/mp3 player, please provide more details for that device as well. I will be able to provide more help
Dec 7, 2017
The answer is NO. But still you can buy for a low cost a universal card reader device. Its pretty small, suitable for ur laptop case and not require power supply. Just plug it to an USB port and that is all. Usually these devices have at least 4-6 types of physical card shapes to fit common cards on the market.
Dec 7, 2017
magnificent SD and micro SD could all artwork effective (offering you have the mSD adapter). although some card readers are slightly fussy with SDHCs, i've got had a minimum of two cases whilst the laptop basically did no longer recognize an SDHC card, to my huge inflammation.
Dec 7, 2017
it only reads the types of cards that are compatible. look at the box or manual of your laptop. it will tell you what cards fit in. not all SD card readers are the same.
Dec 7, 2017

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