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Are there removable ceiling tiles?

I have sheetrock on the ceiling of one of my bedrooms. Above the bedroom is a bathroom. I would like to replace the sheetrock ceiling with tiles that are removable, that way I can easily perform maintenance as needed - e.g. if the tub starts leaking, etc. Are there such a thing as removable ceiling tiles? Or a way to use regular ceiling tiles and affix them in a removable manner? I know this can be done with drop ceilings, but I'd rather avoid the loss of headroom caused by installing a drop ceiling.


yes you can but I am going back into my last home tha was made in the 1850's, kidding the add on was made in the 1920's and you can buy ceiling tiles with the painted metal grid. we had it on our 1920's rental flat. I would suggest you, if you are in the USA go to a LOWE'S or HOME DEPOT and ask them as LOWES recently opened in my little mountain town and I see they sell them. I find them very attractive, but my question is...why install something if you have a fear of a leak. Thats all i ask and I know you know bettr than me on that answer. good luck!
Apr 14, 2017
Yes just ask someone at home sense
Apr 14, 2017
I do not know?
Apr 14, 2017

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