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Bathroom toilet and wash basin BRANDS?

We are currently building our hotel and we are almost done with the structural. The next step would be the finishings and some fixtures. And i am so much confused on what brand i am going to choose for my bathroom fixtures ( toilet and wash basin). I am choosing between HCH products and othet chinese brands. Chinese brands are almost half the price of HCG's.I have noticed a lot of buildings using either HCG or American standard. Now i am srarting to wonder why is it big companies still prefer HCG or American Standard even they cost higher than those Chinese brands? Hows the difference of the quality between those brands? I am from Philippines and i own the hotel.Thank you so much.


I`m an interior designer, i own several of firms, my advice for you is it depends on how many stars your hotel is-- if above 3 stars , suggest u use HCG or American Standard but if low-cost hotel , i think it is okay for you use a cheaper brand. Remember my words--- How much you pay , how much u get. BTW ,Maybe there is no problems in short term but i`m sure that it might cause u a big headach in long-term. I know this quite well. Finally, you have to think wisely and ask for more informations about those &brand& before u make decision. So far, those Chinese brands always cause problem on your WC. I know it`s very nice looking but i do want to ask u how do u think about it`s quanlity? haha if u have confident on it ,ok. But goodluck for you.
Apr 14, 2017
I would take a look at the brands you considering that have been in use in say other hotels for at least several years and see how they are working. Some metal drop in sinks rust around the drain hole, etc. If the cheaper brand does not have the undesirable characteristics, buy the cheaper.
Apr 14, 2017

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