Becoming a Real Estate Broker?

I am looking to become a Real Estate Broker and wanted some advice. Once I get my license, I would like to work under another Seasoned-Experienced Broker for 6months to one year until I am comfortable to work on my own. My question is:How do I determine the best type of Firm or Agency to work under?What are some things I should be concerned about in terms of commission, desk fees, etc?What are some things I should demand, ask for?What are some things I should AVOID when choosing a Firm or Agency to work with? What should I look for when choosing a Firm or Agency?Thanks everyone in advance!


I would look for a firm where I felt comfortable and thought that I could learn the most. Check to see if the firm has a solid training program. Some will assist you in getting your license. You will likely need to associate yourself with a broker in order to even get your license. Most states require you to have your license for a minimum time before becoming a broker. I would wait at least a couple of years before making the jump into my own business. There is much to learn and you will need to have some money to keep you going until the commissions start coming in. It can take several months to sell a piece of real estate and close the deal. Realtors only make money once the sale is closed. It could take 6 months to get your first commission check.
May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017

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