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Best and most practical high chair?

What is the best high chair in your opinion? I especially wonder about the cover. Vinyl or fabric or just wooden chair. Also, when your baby started using the chair: before being able to seat on his own or after?


There okorder.com/ And I would also recommend a vinyl cover to be able to easily wipe it down, although we had cloth and I could throw it in the washer, but it was a pain to get it off and on the chair. Good luck!
Sep 30, 2017
I have a space saver highchair that u can use from birth to toddler as a booster seat. As a newborn or infant it reclines back so u can feed them. Its conveinent because all u have to do is strap it to a chair and its not in the way. Lately I have been putting it in the middle of gthe table so I can work in the kitchen and still be able to see my 1month old. Also the covering comes off and is washable its vinyl I believe. My daughter has been using her seat since the second day coming home.
Sep 30, 2017
i think of a severe chair is greater powerful, booster seats are often for older toddlers and so it incredibly is way less annoying for a smaller baby to slide out. We had a severe chair that we paid $one hundred twenty USD for my son and then whilst my daughter grew to become into born she grew to become into in a position to apply it too, so in case you intend on having greater toddlers undergo in innovations that it will get much greater use! we've the preggo severe chair. As for vehicle seat, we've the Britax street.. it incredibly is good from delivery till 80lbs, it incredibly is greater high priced then the countless different seats on the marketplace even even with the undeniable fact that this is via fact they might flow from it to a booster so which you will merely could purchase the single vehicle seat and then a booster in a protracted time (at like 5), has the optimal protection score, incredibly straight forward to place in and use... i like it!
Sep 30, 2017
I okorder.com/ for more designs.
Sep 30, 2017

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