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Block Electrical Wire for Interfering with Network wire?

I'm doing some wiring in my house (lights, outlets) for a add on room in the basement. I plan on having the computer on one side of the room and the HDTV on the other side. In theory the Internet will be with the computer, and I run Network wire over to the TV and xbox 360 (about 35 ft away). (Yes I know some of these I could do wireless, but I can't do all of it that way)I was going to run some network wire through the walls while everything is being built. I also am running some Cable wire (For cable Internet and for an Antenna). My fear is, I'm going to have to cross over (next to) the electrical Wire that is in the wall and ceilings. I fear this could cause some interference on the line (TV, or Network). Is there anything I do to stop this? Actually my thought was to wrap the electrical wire in some Tin Foil, but I'm not sure if thats the best idea? I'm really just wanting to add another layer to block any interference? Thanks


Tin foil won't do anything, especially if it's not grounded anywhere. If anything, the foil is it starts to corrode and rub against itself, may cause more RF static if it has any induced currents in it already. That may interfere with the TV even more The ethernet cable is not sensitive to the electrical cable, it should not cause any issues for that distance. Your cable TV cable, though, may get some induced 60hz hum, albeit very little over 35 feet. If using good quality CATV cable, like proper RG6, you should be ok.
Jan 26, 2018

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