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Braces: colored rubber bands on brackets?

Im gettin braces in 2 weeks and i've seen my friends nd they have jus the plain bracket and wire before u can hav the colored rubber bands on ur brackets im wonderin how long do u hav to jus hav the plain bracket and wire? cuz no offense it looks realli ugly plain thanks :]


I don't know what you mean by plain bracket and wire? Do you mean they have train track braces with no color? These are actually better than the colored because the colored are tacky. But if you mean just one silver wire, then these are probably retainers or permanent braces that you cannot get colour for. Colors all depend on your orthodontist. As far as i know there is no time space to get colours, so if you go to a different orthodontist to them and ask for colors they should give you them.
Jan 26, 2018

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