breaking cement blocks?

I know it sounds odd but if you set a cement block between to supports and hit it with your fist its really not hard at all to break it. Why is it that a 1 thick cement block breaks easier than a 1 thick piece of pine. Also it seems like maybe its just me but if you hit a 1 thick oak board your fist doesnt have to be in contact as long to break it. With the cement block it doesn't take much to make it break.


So whats your question?
May 11, 2017
density. wood is long strands of thick, dense fiber essentially strung together, cement is a mix of individual rocks with a water/concrete bonding, but there is air mixed in during the mixing process. there are more areas in between the rocks to be weaker, less dense. this may be a bad example.. but liken it to a bathtub with water that is iced over completely, and a bathtub with only ice water.. in between the ice, you can put your hand through, because it is essentially water and less dense than the ice... but with the completely covered ice water, you cannot easily put your hand through.. . i guess also i was thinking of a game of red rover if you have ever played it, it is easier to run through when the other team is holding hands, than when they link elbows.. essentially making the bond stronger with bigger parts of the arm.
May 11, 2017
condition the edge of the hand on an anvil for at least a year, then start with patio blocks. Blocks must be dry, new, and not painted.
May 11, 2017

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