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breaking wood or cement by punching or kicking it???

how do those karate guys break cement and wood pieces by jsut like one hit, why doesnt it hurtthem or break there hands and feet?dont gimme a BS answer,im lookin for an actual reasonable explanation


Not to sound rude, but with proper technique... you hit them really hard... i have broke my middle knuckle on my right hand 5 or 6 times from punching 3 or 4 boards... 1 brick is about the equivilant of 2 boards... spacers (pencils used to seperate multible boards) make it very easy to break and obsurd amount of either... some people don't use them, but most do to put on a better show for the unknowing general public.... there is no short secret, no mystical power you train and you get better... and you break more bricks or boards with a variety of techniques.... it's really high up there on the cool factor, but also may give someone a false since of security if they have never tried to hit someone (or been hit) with that kind of power.... in actual live sparring...
May 11, 2017
The big answer is technique. And of course conditioning. If you don't have the proper technique you might end up to hurt yourself even though you are conditioned. For instance, when you condition your fist to be able to punch you work on your two big knuckles (it's where you punch) but if you don't have the right technique you might end up to punch in a circular manner that will result by punching with your little finger knuckle. At that point if you hit hard you might get a boxer fracture. Also why people don't get hurt? First: Conditioning. That way you first kill the small nerves that creates pain and then your bone gets thicker in answer of the trauma you are causing it, it's a defense mechanism. Second: simple law of physic ACTION REACTION If you go through your board or your brick the energy that you created by breaking the board is mostly lost in the air outside the board. So there is not much energy coming back to your fist. However, if you hit really hard and you don't go through, well... You get it all back... It's how I hurt my fist. But again I didn't have the proper technique... I was a bit too close so my energy wasn't at its full potential. Just a small trick in order to have maximum potential energy you should focus your power about a inch (if it's hand technique) behind the last board and about 2 inches if it's a foot technique
May 11, 2017
breaking wood cement punching kicking
May 11, 2017
wood is easy to break against the grain. Cement requires you to spend lots of time conditioning you knuckles so you don't break them but it is possible for anyone with spare time to condition to break cement and bricks(some people start with ceiling tile). How ever there are masters in Japan that can punch a tree full strength with out breaking knuckles and master in Korea that can break Marble and i believe there is one that punched a ox and it died
May 11, 2017

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