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brightness on an lcd monitor?

i have just got a new lcd monitor after a crt monitor, and the brightness is very high, is there a way i turn this down in windows xp, as i cannot on the monitor, its an Lg 22in monitor.


There should be brightness and contrast controls on the monitor. Turn down the brightness option first. If that does not provide enough range, then turn down the contrast.
Dec 7, 2017
do not recognize of any web pages for something like that, yet you should do trial and blunder with the brightness and evaluation settings on the visual reveal unit or, precise clock on your pc, were given to (your image card maker) mines nivida. in there you could replace the putting of your pictures card. IE. colour schemes. so that you'll adjust brightness in there (its probably less than the heading colour correction
Dec 7, 2017
look for the menu button on the monitor that will open up a menu then use the other buttons to move around that menu and change your settings.
Dec 7, 2017

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