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Building a replacement counter top?

I want to remove and replace my laminate covered counter tops, the particle board underneath is chipping bad near some edges,and there's almost no good place to put screws in to hold the dishwasher. I need plans or instructions how to build a replacement so I can use plywood and cement board to install ceramic tiles. How do I frame it for the sink and the edges?


1. first you screw 3/4 inch laminated plywood to the base 2. install 3/8 inch backer board with one inch screws 3. ceramic tile over the backer board 4. be sure to pay attention to what type of back splash you are going to use
May 11, 2017
Actually you don't really frame a sink. You can add blocking underneath to screw to, but you really just cut the sink hole, if you are using the same sink then you will need to use the old hole as a template for the new one. If you are putting in a new sink then you will use the template on the box. You should use at least 3/4 high grade plywood and add the tile backer boards to the top. That will make it plenty think. You just cut the boards the size of the old countertop and screw then to the blocking on the wall and to the blocking in the cabinets. Blocking is additional pieces of wood that are strategiacally placed to have a larger surface to screw into and additional support. I am in commercial construction and we place the blocking inside the walls before we sheetrock, but in your case you may have to add it in other places to have enough support. Hope you have lots of luck, take your time and if you start to get frustrated ask for more help.
May 11, 2017
ok.. first things first..what size tile are you laying.. what type of facing..bullnose, cut tile that matches the top .. the type of edging you use will determine the depth of the top ( thickness) be sure that the edging wont interfere with the doors or drawerheads..i would also recomend epoxy grout..a little more money and trickier to apply but worth it in the long run. i would completely remove the old countertop..determine thickness of the new top and purchase materials..concrete board comes in two thicknesses 1/2 and 1/4.. buy plywood to make up the diff..remember to stagger any seams for strengh..screw down the ply either from the top or from underneath through cabinet gussetts...then screw down concrete board..dont skimp on screws.. use thin set and tape edge pieces for 24 hours then grout!..take your time in initial layout as this could save hours and money..the answers about the sink looked good..would add to center the sink in the sink base cabinet though and check for fit before installing any tile
May 11, 2017
The home improvement stores have the plans and will sell you everything you need . They have some great tips also. Look at the old one and you should be able to see how they framed it just do it that way and put your sink where ever you want. Your new sink will come with a template you can use for the hole size.
May 11, 2017

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