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Building An Aviary - Tinted Glass?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question, please go easy on me.Tell me if this is possible or not:An aviary that in 10m or more long in length which houses smaller species of birds. Part of the aviary is against the house and a window. The window is tinted so that the birds don't think that they can fly through it (but would the reflection still be a problem?). But people in the room can see through the window and the birds in the aviary.Possible or bad idea? Any alternatives? I have seen entire aviaries made out of acrylic and see-through, and also a restaurant with a massive aviary the size of the wall behind glass, I just wonder how they do it without birds breaking their necks on the glass.


why would an aviary have glass if its abig aviary like a small shed try making one out of flat tin and paint it pretty so it looks cool then make a door out of stuff like chicken wire and shade cloth.(material thats tightly bound so nothing can get out) or if its just two birds just get a large metal cagey thingy
Apr 14, 2017
What we did with our aviary (home grown built as well) was put a layer of screened mesh (like you use for patio screens) over the acrylic windows. It helps to dim the glare and prevents the birds from running into them. It's cheap and you can buy it in rolls. Just staple it to the wood around the frame of your windows.
Apr 14, 2017

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