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Buying a new chair.. need some help deciding. *easy 10 points*?

So, I want a new chair mainly for gaming. I'm trying to narrow it down to two different types. Either a normal office chair (But an expensive one. The one I want is $229).. or a chair meant specifically for gaming (The X rocker Pro).. built in speakers and everything.I'm kind of leaning to the gaming chair, cause my current office chair is comfy until I try and play TV games. What do you think?


Both types of chair are better for different things. The office chair is better if you are sitting at a desk playing computer games but you cannot really lounge in front of a tv with it. The X rocker chair is more of a lounging play game for 8 hours straight chair but is too low for a computer desk and not comfortable in front of a monitor for long periods of time. The draw back to the x rocker pro is if you want to use the sound you have to have it plugged in and alot of people complain about wire management for it. Just figure out what you play more and get the chair. I use an office chair myself with a back that has a multi-tilter function so that I can adjust it depending on what I am doing.
Sep 30, 2017
If you think that you are a real gamer, i recommend you getting the x rocker pro. If you are those types of ppl where you can't last that much playing then get the office chair.
Sep 30, 2017
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Sep 30, 2017

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