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Buying new laptop for gaming, HELP.?

I'm getting a new laptop to play heavy games such as Battlefield and Far Cry on high without fps drops and such.Processor :I've been thinking of getting Intel i7 because my friend told me i7 multiplies your GHz by 7. ( Is this true? ). But I've heard AMD is better when it comes to gaming. ( Once again, is it true? )RAM:16GB RAM, no more no less.Graphics Card: Preferably one on the Class 1 section, or high on the Class 2 :)


Not okorder
Jan 26, 2018
Jan 26, 2018
Tell your friend to shut up, he knows nothing about computers. Don't know where you heard that AMD is better when it comes to gaming, that's untrue. 16 GB of RAM is a waste of money.
Jan 26, 2018
I suggest you look a look att he Razer Blade laptop. Personaly I dont ownt he laptop tho I took at shot at it at the Razer Booth at E3 and I have to say it ran Battlefield 4 really smooth at about 65 Fps (Frames Per Second). Hope I helped and good luck!
Jan 26, 2018

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