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Can I paint my dining chairs?

These are from Germany. They are like a Spongy Foam material but the previous owners cats tore into them so they have these marks across them. It reminds me of when you take your nail and run it over a Styrofoam cup. I love the shape and modernness but I need a color change (4 dark blue, 2 yellow)! I have priced new chairs and its just not doable for what I desire. I have No clue what would be under the sponge as I would have to basically gut one and then Im lost on how to fix the mess I made! Some ideas on what I can use and how to go about doing so. Im scared it will just soak it in.


Try painting a little part in a place that is unseen, just 1cm2 in the under part of the chair - best the under part of the chair leg - the one that stands on the ground (I understood that they are entirely made from the same material, sorry if I misunderstood). That way you'll find out if the paint will soak in or stay. If it doesn't work, you can always make some covers yourself (since standard ones don't fit the shape of your chairs). The possibilities are limitless - from patchwork, to knitting them from various materials (think plastic bags, you can get very interesting results with that, not to mention it's good for the environment not to throw the bags away but reuse them creatively) to sewing them according to you own design. LIke I said - limitless possibilities.
Sep 30, 2017
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Sep 30, 2017

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