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Can I use 12v connectors for 120 v line?

I'm curious if the 12 connectors would work on a 120 v line. I'm talking about hte crimp ones that comes in different colors , instead of the twist ons for the 120 v. does anyone know if you could use those instead of the twist ons?


The same crimp type connectors sold in auto prarts stores for 12 volt use can often be found in appliances carrying line voltage. You'll want to make sure that the connectors are insulated to that no accidental contact can be made with the wires. Use them in dry locations as you would use a twist on Wirenut. Don
Jan 26, 2018
i dont think so. if its 12v being used in place of a needed 120v line i would not suggest it becuase it probably wont be able to handle 120v. check the maximum ammount it can take. i think when it says like 12v thats the recomended. im not completley sure.
Jan 26, 2018
That sort of connection would not meet code and would be a fire and safety risk. Do not do it.
Jan 26, 2018

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