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can jb weld fix steel applications?

i have a computer chair where the metal part that attachs the top part to the bottom with wheels has cracked around half of the assembly. my dad said it might be able to be repaired with jb weld. can jb weld fix it? how strong is jb weld? is it as strong as steel?


Not a chance. Stresses that are strong enough to crack solid steel would snap JB weld like a matchstick! JB is NOT a substitute for actual welding. Steel is more than 20 times stronger; or in other words, JB is 20 times weaker than the steel in your chair. JB is good for applications where the parts to be joined aren't constantly going to be under stress. For wood or plastics it works OK, for steel, not so much. Your best bet is to take the chair to a professional welding shop. If they want to charge you more than $15-$20; go somewhere else, they could weld that in less than a minute.
Sep 27, 2017
There is going to be too much stress at that mounting point for jb to work for long, unless you plan on never leaning more than 5 degrees from prostrate. Buy a new or used one. They are cheap if your not too picky. If you do plan on using jb, i highly recommend drilling multiple 1/8 or so holes on both sides of the crack, and smash some jb into those holes as you patch it. That will allow the jb to hold on much better.
Sep 27, 2017
the stuff is pretty strong... i have a friend who blew a hole in his crankcase of his 07 cr450f and used jb weld on it... added oil and rode on it.. the stuff is crazy strong just give it a day to dry
Sep 27, 2017
Sep 27, 2017

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