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Can raccoon bite through steel?

Hi,Well, I live near almost across the street from a forest, and my neighborhood is full of raccoons!!! Recently, I just purchased a bunny and have kept it at my cousin's house for the time being. He has a steel cage, and is about 6 months old. I am considering bringing him home and leaving him in the back yard with his steel cage. I am just afraid that raccoons can bite through the steel and get to him. So the question is... Is is possible for raccoons to bite through steel? Btw,Please don't answer hate comments about me being a bad rabbit owner. I simply want to know if raccoons can bite through steel. If it doesn't work out, the rabbit will stay at my cousins house until further notice. But please, I did not waste 5 points for unneeded answers. Thanksss!


Well the raccoons can't bite through steel unless it is very thin steel, like aluminum foil thickness. But they have long arms and can reach into the cage so that would be my worry. They are also very clever so I don't know if it is safe for the bunny. That would depend upon the size of the cage and how hungry the raccoons are. The raccoons might be tempted to try to steal the bunny's food so that is a concern. Check with a pet shop owner or forester or someone like that who has knowledge about raccoons in the area.
Sep 27, 2017

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