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Can you die from being bit by 277.?

Was tearing out an acoustical ceiling grid while the electrician was taking out the fluorescent lights. What I didn't know was that he was taking them out hot. He left wires uncapped and the hot leg touched the grid I had ahold of. It grabbed me for about 3 seconds. My head snapped back and I could feel my mouth open to scream but nothing came out. I was aware of everything going on and my only thought was that I was going to die. Luckily I fell backwards off the ladder. I had burns on my left hand and right forearm and stomach. Everywhere I was touching the grid. My arms were cherry red from the elbows down for awhile. 2 weeks later my arms still tingle and my wrists have a terrible burning pain every couple of days. It was a very religious experience. I did kick the electrician off the job. My question is did the current go across my chest or through my heart from one arm to the other and could it have killed me if I hadn't fallen from the ladder. I guess I'm lucky I'm 6'4 and 250 lbs. I feel lucky anyway.


Yes I must agree with you, you are very lucky , phew !..........
Apr 14, 2017

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