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Can you install cement board over wood laminate?

I know that cement board can be installed over a vinyl floor, but can it be installed over wood laminate? I am planning to install 12x12 slate tile and want a good foundation without having to do any more work than necessary. Thank you.


NO! The laminate is a floating wood floor, and you want your cement board firmly screwed to the subfloor. You will need to remove the laminate floor. Sorry.
May 11, 2017
NO!!!! Your cement board needs to be thin set down & screwed or stapled the moisture in the mud will blow up the Laminate,The job would look good for about month then your slate would jump off the floor The laminate is real easy to remove all you do is remove the base or trim use a skillsaw to make couple of cuts, the rest will come right up in pieces remove the pad. If the floor is concrete you dont need backer board good luck ! one tip: seal your slate once before you grout makes for easy clean up
May 11, 2017
1/8 isn't very much. You'll need t-moulding (transition moulding) between the two materials anyway. Rather than PB or ply, why not cleant he concrete, cpply primer, and pour self leveler on it? You'll make up your 1/8 in no time, without worrying about moisture affecting the substrate. Even plywood will warp and delaminate over time if exposed to moisture. You could get marine grade plywood (mdo or something, i've only had to get it once) but it'll be hard to come by the thickness you need in any substrate. Or just leave it alone and get a t-moulding that will make a transition over the 1/8 difference. They make plenty of different profiles.
May 11, 2017
Yes is the simple answer.
May 11, 2017

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