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Capacitor bank size and cost?

I'm building an ion accelerator which is based off of an ion generator and a coilgun. The ion generator is complete, but I'm looking for a good power supply for the coilgun portion's electromagnet. What is a good sized capacitor bank for this type of application, aiming for extremely short but powerful bursts. Also, is there a good online store to find cheap high capacitance capacitors?


Ion accelerators usually work off DC, not from a capacitor bank. What energy and current are you looking for in your ion beam? I think that you need to do a LOT more design work on the ion generator. What kind of ion source are you going to use, and what is its current density and brightness? If you want a pulsed high current beam, how are you going to source all those ions? Edit:- How can you possibly hope to get 1.65 amps of ions? Ion sources generally run in the microamp range. Just because the current is available from the supply, that doesn't mean that your ion source will consume it, i am afraid. BTW if you COULD make a pulsed ion source this intense, the military would be very interested - such a source could greatly increase the power of an atomic bomb!
Jan 26, 2018
In a delta there are 3 terminals placed like the corners of an equilateral triangle. You put a capacitor between each pair of corners. Automatic controls is something entirely different.
Jan 26, 2018

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