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Car Battery Positive Output is at what volt? (AC/DC)?

I'm doing some wiring and I do not quite understand the difference between AC12v and DC12v. I need an item to run on DC12v, Can I simply clip the wires on my object that needs DC12v and connect the appropriate ends to the appropriate battery terminals?Please do not answer (12v) ^^ Thanks!


Simple AC Alternative Currant DC Direct Currant For example A car run on DC. A house has electric volt in AC For some electrical components you need fuses or relay not to fry every system in your car (short-cicuit). just a touch with your finger can make a electromagnetic currant in the ECU can fry the whole thing up. make sure you have a good ground every time. (touch the body of the car on metalic plate). You can do it for a limited time, if it is just a repair to give time to go to the workshop, For example. It is not recommended to do that, but if you're in trouble with something just to help you. Why not! We're all doing that anyway. That's what we call a bypass. Before going to do something in your car (elcetric) you should read more about electricity, to give you more information about what are you doing under your hood. Hope it helps you enough!
Jan 26, 2018
Yes well in a car it is higher that that while it is running but it will work for your purposes there is around 12 VDC at the positive terminal with respect to the negative terminal or car ground if that terminal is wired to the car or engine. You can wire directly if you are a brave soul but for safety you might want to put a fuse in the positive line before connecting it to the battery in case a short develops. The fuse size would just be over the amperage requirement for the device you are powering. If you are not sure start with a 1 amp fuse and work your way up in size if it blows if it doesn't then it should do the trick and protect some minimal protection if things go wrong.
Jan 26, 2018
From what I know it is 12vdc unless your car is different that any I have driven lol. I always just attatch wires to battery or a positive wire into a free slot on fuse box then negative water to a bolt. I'm no expert. If i remember right. a/c means it can be from 1v to 112/120v. 12v dc will just be 12v or under.
Jan 26, 2018
AC 12 v probably does not exist. ac is household power source. DC 12v is car battery output, you can take power for a limited period from your car battery. depending on the amperage needed (drain on power) and condition of battery you can expect an hour for a colour t.v. to 12hrs for a radio or medium torch. at this point you will need to recharge, it is important not to completely flatten the battery, unlike ni-cads this is harmful to car batteries, you will get better results from a proper leisure battery, as used in caravans/motor homes
Jan 26, 2018

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