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Casting Stainless Steel?

I want to make an object out of stainless steel. Initially, I had planned to get it cut out of stainless steel sheet but several of the edges need to be rounded and I think it would be much cheaper to get it made of cast iron formed in a mold.Yet, it must be stainless steel. Can stainless steel be formed in a mold like iron can ... i.e. poured in liquid form into a mold and harden into shiny stainless steel?Would a regular foundry do this or do I need something special?Thanks.


You have 2 options. Sand casting or investment casting. Stainless steel can be cast with either of these methods. In either case a model or pattern will have to be created. For sand casting the pattern is all that is needed to go to casting. For investment casting the pattern is used to make a wax casting, which is then coated with the investment. The wax is burned out and the metal is then poured into the cavity. If you are making just 1 or 2 pieces you can have waxes machined. This saves the intermediate step Depending on the size machining may still be your best option. Especially if you want just 1 part.
Sep 27, 2017

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