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Chair for my room???

So I want to put 2 things to sit in on for me and one for a friend. Something like a bean bag or a butterfly chair would be good but I cant spend more than $35 each any suggestions? link would be great!


Here okorder.com/
Sep 30, 2017
Try the Homesgood store, marshalls, tjmaxx they always have great stuff at a super great price. Also the store will be putting out their spring and summer items in the next coming weeks so you should have lots to choose form. Also try walmart, I dont know how you feel about thirft store but they are always a great place to find awesome items at a super great price.
Sep 30, 2017
They make plastic lawn chairs that are cheap ($10-20). A one piece molded chair is light, stack able, and easy to clean. You can buy them at W-Mart, drug stores (seasonal), hardware stores, etc. Folding chairs (with woven fabric) are another possibility. They are also light, fold able, and inexpensive. And, as an added advantage, you can take them outside when the weather is nice.
Sep 30, 2017

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