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Chair Health and Safety?

Risk assessment assignment and one thing i noticed about the room is that the chairs used are of poor condition or broken, otherwise these chairs need to be replaced but my question is what health and safety risks are there with poor seating? links to websites detailing effects would be nice.


Abnormal chairs and the seating in the work place can lead to a lot of health hazards.. I do not have any website in particular.. But surf for the Occupational Health in Google or medscape.. Some of them to list are Falls and Trauma Cervical Spodylosis Lumbar Spondylosis Disc Prolapse Squint And strabismus due to abnormal head Porturing Sweat Rashes Pilonidal Sinus Constipation And Piles Reduced Efficiency of workers Sickness Absenteeisms Buissiness Loss many more.. List goes end less
Sep 30, 2017

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