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changing halogen light bulb contacts/transformer?

I have halogen lights in my basement. When i mean contact i am talking about this little hanging jack where by you plug in the light bulb into. For some reason, one of my lights are not working properly but I have already tested the light bulbs out. I have a feeling that the contact/transformer (hanging jack slot) is ineffective. Does anybody have an idea how to change these things?


You are putting too much energy into the transformer. You need a circuit breaker in your circuit in order to reduce the amount of power that goes through the transformer. Because so much power is going through the transformer, it can only put out so much, so fast, and, therefore, your halogen lights are not turning it on. You can google circuit breakers or resistors, or take the lights in to any hardware store to see if they can fix them.
Dec 7, 2017
Pull a light from one that you know is working and try that, also if your not using sealed bulbs don't touch the lamp. It depends on the type transformer if that is your problem, turn off the power, remove it and order the replacement part
Dec 7, 2017

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