China electrical.?

I have been warned that some electrical equipment could possibly be damaged by chinese electrical systems.what voltage system does china use. is the supply unreliable and prone to spikes or surges etc.


China uses 220V. If you don't trust the system, then get a surge protector + a converter and use them together with your equipment. I don't know what country you're from, so I can't suggest a converter because different countries use different voltages. When I was in China, I never experienced any problems with the electrical system and I had my cellphone, video camera, digital camera, hair straightener, etc. plugged in frequently. If you're in the big city, I doubt anything bad would happen.
Dec 7, 2017
Lithium batteries choose a particular charger as they are able to ignite if over charged. they additionally will fail if discharged under 3 volts or so. you may desire to income extra. Edit. confident, some lithium batteries are no longer rechargeable. have been given so used to those that are - from my interest of type plane - that I forgot that some are no longer. Had a glance- those are no longer very lifelike, those cells designed for calculators and so on. stable for purposes the place there is an rather low drain and you choose long existence. no longer a stable thought for motorcycle lamps/torches etc. some chinese language maker has in simple terms positioned those out devoid of concept for what occurs whilst the 1st set of batteries run out. For motorcycle lamps I reccommend lighting fixtures furniture that use AAA or AA batteries, and then decide for NIMH recheargeables - Eneloop type is stable. while you're going for lithium recharchegable then the voltages are all distinctive and the chargers are too. as quickly as you do flow above single cellular lithium chargers then there must be balancing circuitryotherwise there's a hearth threat/threat of cells death. have you ever been following the maximum up-to-date information on the Boeing airliner with lithium batteries ?
Dec 7, 2017

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