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comparing car speakers?

im comparing the rockford-fosgate punch car speaker with the alpine s-series car speaker. which one will provide the best all-around sound quality?


its al subjective, you would have to listen to see which ones you like because some speakers are smoother than others while some are crisp sounding when it comes to your highs but the things to look for are --frequency response- the wider the range the more sound range the speaker has --RMS wattage- if using a external amp match the RMS wattage's, if using the radios amp for power look for speakers that don't require anymore than about 40watts RMS --material- different speaker materials sound different --sensitivity- a speaker that has a sensitivity that is 3dB higher than another will only require half the RMS wattage to achieve the same amount of sound/volume
Jan 26, 2018
There is a problem with Inktowns explanation of sensitivity. A better explanation would be: For each doubling of power, you get a 3dB gain in SPL. Example if the base unit is 93 dB, then 1 watt 93 dB 2 watts 96 dB 4 watts 99 dB 8 watts 102 dB and so on.
Jan 26, 2018
Their both good quality speakers will sound equally good if it were me id go with the kenwoods
Jan 26, 2018

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