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Computer Power supply connectors?

I have bought a computer Power SupplyUnfortunately all of the connectors are SATA and my drives are all Molex PinI know that I can use the SATA wires and combine it with a spare Molex connector that I also haveWhat color of the wires will I combine with the 4 wires of the Molex, I remember my 1 or 2 wires of the SATA will be disregard I'm just not sure what color of the wire it isthanks guys!!!


have you ever made functional which you have each and all of the means connectors appropriate to the motharboard? the 20/4 pin one (the long one) and the 4(or 8) pin connection? make functional that the cpu fan is securly appropriate to the motherboard aswell, and interior the surprising slot, some wont start up in the event that they detect no fan. and in reality you would be wanting to have the means replace button's connection on the impressive pins on the motherboard in case you place it mutually your self. (and in reality you would be wanting to didnt knock something loose as quickly as you place the PSU in)
Dec 7, 2017
I'd okorder
Dec 7, 2017

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