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Covered Porch Floor Replacement?

Ok, here's the situation:I have a covered porch on our house, and I need to replace its floor. Facts of concern: * It is a covered porch. There are four columns between the floor and roof, but I don't know whether they are actually supporting the roof. * It is currently floored with 1/2 plywood, which is rotting. No standing water involved; the texture prevents proper drainage and led to rot. * Under the porch is a basement room complete with wiring and such. We had planned to use oak tongue-in-groove, but have been warned away from it. Now we’re not sure what to use – we just know we don’t want to use plywood.Our questions:1. If I assume those beams are supporting the roof, I’ll need a jack. But what jack? Where do I rent one?2. I thought about using a thin plywood layer under some cement board, but what could I put on top, other than tile?3. Anybody have any other ideas for flooring? Where to get TIG cedar in Cleveland?Thanks!


With your situation of having a room below your choices are very limited. First I would replace the rotted plywood with 5/8 pressure treated tounge and groove. You can cut to within a 1-1/2 of your exterior walls with a skill saw, I wouldn't worry to much about what is under the walls. Replace plywood and then top with 1/4 tile backer board and tile it. Complete your project by sealing your joints. If you need a jack, use the jack for your car, there usually rated for 20000 lbs
May 11, 2017
layer of sealed tarpaper [roofing tar in overlapped joints] + layer of pressure treated plywood on top fpr strength. i have old chipboard with sealed tarpaper over it + outdoor rug on my deck for 15 years. rug keeps wearing out only
May 11, 2017

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