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Creating a Chair From a Car's Front Seat?

So i need a new chair/recliner for my house, and i came up with this idea. I could get a car's front seat from a junk yard, and turn it into a chair. I was wondering what i should do/use for the legs of the chair. Also i imagine that it will be back heavy and topple backwards easy. Please help!-Thanks.


I made a chair out of a Dodge mini van seat- Captain chair type- I used 2x6's for the side rails just about as wide as the seat drilled 3/4 holes in the 2x6's make them 12longer than the chair in front and the same in back- mine recline-this will let you recline without hitting the wall, use 1/2 black iron pipe run them through the 3/4 holes My chair has hooks on the bottom to lock it in place, now cover the 2x6 with cloth or leather and they are comfortable, Mine is in my shop and I even take naps in it . Have Fun.
Sep 30, 2017
Bill is right. You need to make a box platform for the seat to rest on. If you do it right you can leave the rails on the bottom of the seat and no one will see them due to the exterior sides of the box. I would make the two sides longer in back of the platform than the front and back portions. This allows you to do the recline without wondering if you are going to tip over backwards. About 8 inches longer in back. However, Shopko is running a sale right now on reclining swivel chairs that are pretty comfortable, with gliding ottoman, for about $70/ Just depends on what you can live with.
Sep 30, 2017
I have to agree with both Bill and Ozarks, I'd definitely BOX the undercarriage, but you might check some balance point of the seat/ Center of gravity issues,and perhaps extend some 1 x 4's? out the rear end of the base. A single/ Bucket can be a great gaming chair, etc. and bench seats, while some might think tacky, can create a decent, small sofa type piece. Beyond that it's creative, if abstract, and I have to believe would be viewed as trendy. Off topic, I have LONG wanted to find an old MG, cut off one side, allowing the fenders door, even wheels, as a piece to attach to a large enough wall as ART, and obviously expressing the car. Kudos to you. Just my 2 sense
Sep 30, 2017
Why don't you whack the back end off of say a '57 chevy and use the trunk opening for a chair. You can build in your sterio on the back ledge will have lights on each side.
Sep 30, 2017

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