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critically evaluate these chairs?

these are supposed to be used in a restaurant if that helpschair


It would be easier to respond if I knew what type of restaurant will it be (french, italian, casual, upscale etc.) but for a upscale place #3 seems very good. It would be absurd in a pizza place though. They are the only ones that is different from what I see in restaurant everyday. #1 is too much school chairs, only would be OK if you have an cafeteria. #2 is good for a sandwich store or a pizza place, but metal is a hard thing to clean up, and it gets rusty in time (especially if they will be placed outside) I would go for #3.
Sep 30, 2017
Number choices 2 and 4 should not be used because hygienically they are not easy to clean because of the texture. If choice number 3 was a decent width and heavier legs to accomidate all body types/sizes then I would go with that one just because personally I like the look of it and it would probably be comfortable. Repairs would not be easy...would have to be reupholstered. Number choice 1 is smooth (great for cleaning), seems to have a wide enough seat to accomidate most, looks sturdy enough and probably would stack for extra storage convenience. This one could be repaired easily/less expensive. This chair looks great (style), but does not have the comfort of number choice 3. Your choices will depend on the type of restaurant it is being placed in. None of these might be appropriate. They are varied quite a bit for choices.
Sep 30, 2017

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