Custom Power Supply Help?

i have built a 1amp 7.2volt power supply and i'm wondering if it will be able to charge a 7.2volt 1600mAh battery.please help me, please, please.Thanks In Advance.


Not a good idea. You may blow a breaker or fuse, or the wiring and components could get so hot that they could start a fire. That wouldn't be very likely with only 7.2 volts, but still not a chance I would be willing to take.
Dec 7, 2017
Well as you probably know you are trying to charge a 1.6amp battery with a 1 amp charger. At the very least the charger is going to get pretty hot because you are maxing it out and a lot more. It depends on what the components are actually rated. I would think that it depends on how well you have the charger protected with fusing and the size, you will either blow the fuse or the charger.
Dec 7, 2017

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