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DC motor forward and reverse diagram of a relay

Components: 24V power supply 1 24V motor 1 24V relay 1 (2 normally open 2 normally closed) Button 1 trip switch 2 Purpose: press the start button to achieve positive and negative reversal, only use a 24V relay (with two relays everyone will) Hope that a master can figure, thank you!


As shown in the figure, where the trip switch a choice of moving open, a choice of moving off, pay attention to the trip switch and motor steering related, can not be anti Turn left to turn right
May 9, 2017
Thank friends help, I have just tried, with a relay can be positive and negative, on the trip switch where some forget how to do, if the convenience to a physical map it.
May 9, 2017
Travel switch a lot of categories, you can search on Baidu or Taobao search directly to a lot of pictures. Simply the equivalent of touch-type keys, will be released after the release
May 9, 2017

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