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Decent cheap midi keyboard?

I'm both going into electronic music production as well as taking piano lessons and I'm looking for a midi keyboard that can suit both needs. I run a windows computer if that makes a difference.


Look at the Yamaha psr seriesa good entry level midi keyboard that will be handy for both practicing as well for music production. If you want a keyboard with more than 61 keys, then Yamaha ypg series keyboard will be better.
Jan 26, 2018
It fairly relies upon on once you're a sturdy participant or in case you will basically be using it to steer away from programming with the mouse? in my view i exploit a Studio good judgment totally weighted 88 key keyboard, yet it is by using the fact i admire the feel of a piano weighted keyboard. yet once you're actually not truthfully a keyboard participant it wont make a extensive distinction to you. for use with reason the Novation distant SL sequence are ideal for reason because of fact the controller knobs all artwork seamless ly with reason and adventure he readouts exchange reveal what they're controlling.
Jan 26, 2018

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