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Decorating metal chairs?

What we have available for the site are these not so great metal chairs! Don't really have the budget to rent chair covers (and probably would not want to even if we did) so I'm really just looking for something to decorate the back a bit to make it prettier. After all, most of the chair is going to be covered anyway by a person!But the backs of a metal folding chair..yuck..not pretty.Anyone have any ideas out there?


I am answering off the top of my head... but could you go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap fabric and make a little cover that just goes over the top of the chair? (you can probably even just sew 2 pieces of fabric together and slip it over the top of the chair and have it just long enough to cover the back... I may not be explaining myself very well. Dollar store - big bows, or some bridal ribbon and a pretty silk flower, and scotch tape it on the back of the chair If you choose to go with a flower, maybe you can get some magnet tape, cut a couple little pieces for each decoration... then it'll be easy on and easy off and won't ruin the paint on the chairs. best of luck!
Sep 30, 2017
You could wrap ribbon around the backs or tie a big bow :)
Sep 30, 2017

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