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Differences between circuit breakers and relays

The relay is an electrical device that turns on or off the controlled output circuit when the input quantity (such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.) reaches the specified value. Circuit breakers such as the home of the light switch the total gate, but also a certain value will automatically break the trip ah ... how many people think they do not have comparable Where is the difference between their essentials? The The Popular point is why the light of my home can not use relay control to use circuit breaker control column


Contactor: is used in the main circuit system, control a single device, such as a motor, is also a switch, but it can be controlled, such as with the relay control, suitable for frequent action, but the general capacity is relatively small, no protection , The accident can not trip their own; Circuit breaker: also used in the main circuit system, you can control a single device, but also control multiple devices, but not suitable for frequent action, the capacity can be made a great, there are protection, the accident can trip their own; Relay: it is auxiliary circuit, can not pass large current, is typical of "small" things control "big" thing. To give an example, a line with a small motor, the motor to open 5 minutes to stop for 5 minutes; this should be installed in the circuit outlet circuit breakers, when the motor problems in a timely trip in the motor power inlet string into the contactor, Use it to actually control the motor on and off, with a relay composed of 5 minutes delay circuit to control the contactor.
May 9, 2017
There are many kinds of relays in the circuit to be combined with the implementation of the device, such as current relay, when it detects the current exceeds the set value, will send a switch signal, and it itself can not disconnect the main circuit, because Its control ability is poor, the contact rated current is only about 5A, then it must be sent to the implementation of this signal, such as AC contactor, by the six-way contactor to control the main circuit through and off. The rated current of the circuit breaker is very large, can directly control the main circuit of the off, and the detection circuit in the circuit breaker inside, when a parameter exceeds the set value, it put the circuit to cut off. Give more points to it, playing so many words are tired!
May 9, 2017
The relay is to have a control line to play a role, if it is directly connected to the circuit it will always turn on. Circuit breaker can be directly connected to the circuit from the role of the switch.
May 9, 2017

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