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Does plastic on windows really help?

Have very little budget to work with, paid Marshall Construction of Kalamazoo to do the roof, haven't seen him since (Even with the contract), windows are in really poor condition and need to be replaced but don't have the funds to do it (Lost job like everyone else in Michigan). I have almost a zero budget to do this thanks to people like Marshall construction. Any suggestions how to get this 900 sqft home to stay warm without the furnace always working?


Plastic on the windows really does work.. I lived in a really old house in Ohio and the windows were so bad that you could feel the cold air coming in... We used the window kits and it really kept the heat in ! We also used some plastic opaque sheeting on the outside windows which didn't look too great on the outside but, it helped greatly. Also, in our basement we have a device hooked up to our dryer.. It looks like a standard dryer hose but, instead of blowing all the nice hot air outside it's got a fine mesh screen and it blows the hot air back inside the house.. GREAT for when you are doing laundry. We also use a newer style baseboard heater in our main living room/family room. We bought the heater a few summers ago when it was on clearance..It's very safe and energy efficient. I also use heavy curtains to keep heat in a particular room. We keep our thermostate at around 60-64 degrees.... In our new house it's a 1700 square ft. ranch.. We are fortunate enough to have a wood burning stove.. Which has cut our gas bill in half ! Good luck
May 11, 2017
Never pay a contractor to do the work before the job is done. If they say they need cash upfront to get the materials, that should be a red flag that they do not have an account anywhere to get supplies. Yes, plastic on the windows helps tremendously if done properly.It keeps the air out. You will notice a big difference.I put an electric blanket on my bed, so I am able to turn the heat way back at night.I always try to wear warm socks and sweats around the house when I am home.If it is real cold outside, I make sure I leave the doors open under my kitchen and bathroom sinks to help the pipes stay warm. Close any outside vents or insulate basement windows.My house is only 900 sq ft also, and my gas budget is $38 a month.Keep warm.
May 11, 2017
Plastic on the windows will help a little, especially if you can keep at least a couple inches between the glass and the plastic. If you do not have carpeting, put down some rugs. Check your furnace filter, make sure it is clean. Also if the construction company left you hanging, take them to court, you may be limited to the amount you can recover in small claims, but it also might push them into doing the work.
May 11, 2017
and see thermal images that let you see where your building loses heat.
May 11, 2017

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