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drilling through stainless steel shelving.?

so I am trying to drill holes in stainless steel shelving to hang something but my drill wont make any more than a small dent in the steel. I bought a bit for hard metals but it didn't do any better. I have an admittedly small drill (9.6v). is that the problem? do I just need a more powerful drill? any serious advice is appreciated. thanks


I've had a similar experience attempting to drill heavy steel. Most stainless steel formulations are even harder than mild steel. First, you will need a much more powerful drill. A 9.6v cordless is just not going to do the job. You will want a large corded drill - I'd recommend a half-inch bit chuck. If possible, use a drill press - they typically house very powerful drills, and make holding and aligning the drill much easier. Second, you will need a very, very hard bit. Carbide-tipped is critical. Third, you will need a good deal of patience, depending on the thickness of the steel. Good luck.
Sep 27, 2017
As long as it turns the bit, the power, (torque), at the drill is not a factor. 1. The bit you have is probably ruined by overheating. replace it. (See 3. below). 2. Do use water or cutting oil to cool your drill bit. 3. If you're drilling more than a very small hole, start with a small pilot bit to make the first hole, then follow with the larger full size bit.
Sep 27, 2017
Just put drops of water at the spot of drilling to keep your drill bit cool. The reason your drill bit gets dull is because it gets hot and melts.You may need to re sharpen your drill bit or purchase a new one.
Sep 27, 2017
When machining stainless you need a sharp tool and an abrasive cutting compound for the best results.Most tools will slide on the stainless rather than cut into it. Stainless is very soft and it stretches rather than cuts. Try to keep the bit cool, but a special cutting compound is advised.
Sep 27, 2017

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