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Drop ceiling installation question...?

How close to the original ceiling can I hang a drop ceiling? I know you need a certain amount of space between the original ceiling and the gridwork of the drop ceiling so you can get the tiles in... I am remodeling my basement and it only has 8' ceilings now, so I want to retain as much headroom as possible. Thank you...


If I remember correctly, you can do it in 3 inches, or maybe slightly less.I had a 7 foot ceiling to work with and in a few spots because of pipes we did it almost flush.You can slide the tiles in before you put up another line of grid, then pop them in.
Apr 14, 2017
you might want to look into other options, like perhaps shaped tin or something on the ceiling. You need to drop it at least a foot I believe and you aren't going to like a 7 foot ceiling in a basement. It is going to make it feel like a cave. Look into other solutions, you will be happier for it. Like put wood siding up there, tin, anything to cover it.
Apr 14, 2017

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