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dropped ceiling - how much material do I need?

I want to install a dropped ceiling, my basment is 22 x 32. What materials do I need and how much do I need?


You put in the room dimensions, and it lays out the grid and gives you a bill of materials.
Apr 14, 2017
The material, approximately 2 x 4 comes in cases of approx. 12 pieces. The rails (both perimeter and spanning/ interlocking supports (perpendicular) / wiring to hang, can be figured; as answer one suggests. No offense but you and the supplier can do the math. You should ask about a return policy especially for the extra hardware. Buy and Keep extra panels. Tools: Tin shears. hack saw; nail gun perhaps; utility knife; ome kind of straight edge; tape measure; wire cutters If there is no plumbing or electrical above; and/or no major AC ducting; allow no less than 8 inches of hang to fit the tiles. Steven Wolf
Apr 14, 2017
108' of edge rail........ the rest will depend on the tile size............
Apr 14, 2017

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