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Drywall and Cement board quantities question?

I'm not to good at figuring out quantities for sheetrock and cement board. I'm redueing my bathroom. I need to figure for how much sheet rock to get. My walls are 56L x 8'H, 6'Lx8'H, and 90Lx8'H. For my bathtub enclosure I have 61Lx82H, 3'Lx82H and 3'Lx82H.Any input on this would be greatly appriciated.


there is info on how to measure and get the right amount.
May 11, 2017
You will need an 8' high sheet for each width you have. 56 + 72 + 90 + 61 + 36 + 36 351 inches 29 feet wide since they are 4 x 8 you have 29 / 4 7.3 sheets you should get more sheets for the waste and different sizes. Maybe 9 - 10 sheets.
May 11, 2017
Your husband is sweet. do away with the wallboard. while you're no longer making plans on putting up tiles there is no reason to apply cement board. i could get some Vantek board from Lowes, approximately 27.00 a sheet and use that. that's water-resistant and springs with a 25 year guarantee. It seems and acts like plywood. particularly reliable, purely ensure you placed on goggles once you chop back it, the timber flakes and performs havoc on your eyes. I used Vantec on a kitchen floor and likewise rather for my patio roof. It rained two times earlier we've been given the shingles on and did no harm. And we get slightly rain right here in southern Missouri
May 11, 2017

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