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Execution by electric chair?

What states still use the electric chair?Also if someone is executed by the chair, are their organs still good to donate for medical purposes? Specifically their heart?Really need answers.


Nine states have an electric chair but it's use gets complicated. In some states the prisoner must request electrocution, in others it depends when the crime occured, and in others it depends on whether or not their primary means of electrocution is ruled unconstitutional. Organs would probably not be usable because the high voltage used does a great deal of internal damage beyond stopping the heart. In Georgia they proposed the guillotine as the means of execution because organs would not be damaged.
Sep 30, 2017
You need to learn how to google. Read the reference below. The organs are not usable for transplant because there is no way of knowing for sure which path through the body the electricity took for one electrode to another. Therefore you have to assume all organs are damaged. If you want to use executed prisoners for transplant, then lethal execution is the way to go. They can give the pentothal putting the person to sleep, then the pancuronium to paralyze them then cut out the organs. Once they remove the heart, I would say the guy is official dead. (Larry Niven, science fiction writer, proposed using condemned criminals for body parts. Read some of his books.)
Sep 30, 2017
Organs are never taken from an executed criminal. It does not matter what the method of execution might have been.
Sep 30, 2017

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