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feasibility of going off the grid?

Im building a new house, and I would like to go totally off the grid in South-Central Oklahoma.Id like to be able to run the tv, freezer, refrigerator, and minimal lights and water well.Im looking for information on a complete system.Any ideas/? Im looking for the pros and cons of this way of life from homeowners that have actually done this.


photo voltaic is the most uncomplicated thanks to bypass. the most inexpensive is small hydro, yet you go with a always flowing bypass or artesian properly. We run our residing house lights, pcs, leisure center, and an ability-celeb refrigerator on 800 watts of photo voltaic panel with 10 deep-discharge marine batteries for storage. undesirable climate ability I quite might want to apply a generator about 10 days a 365 days to correct up the batteries, used 15 gallons of gas very last 365 days. I plan on including yet another four hundred watts of panel and six extra batteries when I get a freezer later this 365 days. The generator is likewise sensible to run a welder and a table observed that take extra ability than my 2500watt inverter can placed out. universal, I quite have extra solid ability than my grid-depending acquaintances 2 miles down the line. in the adventure that your properly is windmill-pumped, keep on with it. we would want to haul water immediately, use a propane tankless heater gadget for showers. at the same time as the properly is for sale in we will be doing photo voltaic water heating. Many states have photo voltaic ability rebate courses, the feds actually have ability rebate and loose insulation courses. construction insulation is truly major in conserving heating criteria down. the nearest application organisation for your area would have information in case you are able to't turn it up in a Google seek for.
Jan 26, 2018
We are off grid in ky. Look into extremely efficient appliances, led bulbs, passive solar as well as solar hot water and active solar storage. You ALWAYS need more batteries than you have. Increase insulation to decrease heat/cooling losses. Install a cistern with a large rainwater catchment. 2500 gallons is not too much. Purchase property that has a woodlot and year round spring. Best to buy the whole watershed to ensure clean water.
Jan 26, 2018
My grandfather put 2 inches of foam board around his freezer, except for the coils- hardly goes on at all. Anything to reduce power useage is good.
Jan 26, 2018

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